We are hiring for erotic massage jobs in Sydney  ~~

If you are looking for massage jobs, we are the best parlour in Sydney, and fully licensed relaxation center, so your work here is legal, safe and provides a steady income.

We are a short 10 minutes walk from Central Station, near Broadway Shopping centre. We need girls age 18-36, reliable, responsible and hard working attitude. If you meet our criteria, you may choose 1-3 days per week, for short term or long term work. All nationalities are welcome to apply. 

Our clients are quality, gentle and our girls are nice and friendly which leads to a stress free and happy environment.

Training in oil massage techniques is available for girls who are inexperienced and it is easy to learn. You may get regular bookings if you have good skills. At our shop your income will be high and steady.

80% of our girls have worked in our shop for more than 1-2 years. Most of our girls have tried and worked in at least 10 other shops before they settle down with us for long term employment. A number of our girls have quit their work at other shops and only work with us,  as our shop is a better working environment and they feel more comfortable working here.

If you believe you are suitable to join our team, please send text message to 0402 680 999. We will reply you ASAP. Thank you ~



****  Some benefits of working in licensed erotic shops are:

1. Working here is totally legal and safe. Unlike working in non licensed illegal shops, where you have to continually worry about random checking by government . Working under these conditions is stressful for the shop girls and shop owners, as well as their clients, if you get caught working in an illegal shop you will have to provide your ID, this information will get recorded on your visa and may effect your future chances of staying in Australia.

2, We protect your privacy, for shop advertisement photos, our girls will wear whole face mask for taking photos, and we will cover a flower on your face when post on shop website. 


Some girls if you have bad expriences been taken videos when you working other massage shops, to avoid this to happen, our girls may use the camera detector to test your whole room.

3. Shop have showers, so our clients will shower before and after the massage and you can also shower after each client, keeping clean and fresh throughout the day. This ensures your clients hygiene and sanitation.

4. Our clients are fully aware of the services we provide at our shop, as we can advertise the information online, so they are happy with our services and are not expecting you to do more than we have advertised.

5. Our shop compared with other shops is we pay our girls higher and we also have many regular clients. This will enable you to make better money.